Dust cleaning gel

  • You Can Use this for computer keyboards, mobile phones, printers, and Musical instruments.
  • Does not leave any residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven disinfecting action.
  • Dust cleaner gel helps you keep your car dashboard Ac vent Air vents Clean.
  • The package includes 1 universal cleaning gel.


Usage review:

  • In keyboard contains 50 times more bacteria than a toilet.
  • We will show you some steps to clean the keyboard, car dash interior, or any other materials.

  • Dust cleaning gel cleans the surface very well.
  • Leaving single dust.
  • They are available at a cheap cost.
  • Can be used fastly.
  • Do you know that every day our hands produce oil containing “sebum” of about 20 mg. which can damage our things.
  • You can see that if you continue using the keycaps for some days they become greasy and oily.
  • It holds the dust, hair, small particles, and food particles that are present in the things.
  • We have tested a dirty keyboard to review the gel.

dust cleaning gel

Steps of cleaning dust

  • There are three steps for cleaning the things options that are:
  • Other methods of cleaning are very much complicated.
  • Which takes more time and is boring.
  • The first test is regarding the “Magic Clean Putty
  • It consists sort of cleaning gel.
  • Which are mainly used for cleaning Keyboard.
  • This cleaning gel is worth of money.

  • We have tried the second method that is called “Baby wipes
  • You might think that it is for kids.
  • The method of baby wipes can clean anything and everything.
  • And the last but not the least method is “Magic Eraser”.
  • This method is mostly used on the walls.


Simple method

  • The easiest step is just you can shake the keyboard.
  • But it does not work.
  • But this cannot be done in all the materials or things.
  • You can’t know how much amount of dust stays down the keycaps of the keyboard.
  • If it is a laptop, shaking is risky, it cannot be done like the normal keyboard.
  • it is better and good to just blow air behind the caps.
  • We will be dividing the keyboard into three sections.

For testing purposes

  • We have bought the Magic Clean Putty which will use for testing.
  • And we have never used this type of material before.
  • We will put it start dying on the material and things.
  • The package description says that it can absorb dirt and dust particles.
  • It removes the disinfecting part and removes the dust particles and leaves the residues.
  • We think this is real.
  • We kept on watching it, how it affects.
  • And we are now ready to test the cleaning slime.
  • We will cover the whole section with the cleaning slime.
  • It starts to melt.
  • It cleans find if we look for different views.
  • let’s have a comparison between the cleaning methods.
  • Now the aluminum element is cleaner now.
  • We have used it for more the one time, it works fine for cleaning.
  • If we keep the gel for 2 minutes that is sufficient to clean the surface.
  • Few keyboards are different.
  • We can apply for a few seconds and remove it.
  • And we will also look into the other stuff.
  • We will try to apply it on other surfaces are metals or steel.
  • Baby wipes methods do not clean perfectly.
  • It only cleans the top surfaces, not the inner surface.
  • Baby wipes are use in basic cleaning.
  • Let’s have a look at the Magic Eraser.
  • It is an awesome material use in sound and thermal insulation.
  • And it is one of the most dust cleaning products, it removes grease easily.
  • It also removes the permanent marks
  • The scratches touch are soft above the surface of scratch when touch with the fingers.
  • It can be used in teeth for whitening but will be dangerous if you intake.
  • The best cleaning method is using gel.
  • This gel can easily remove all the dirt around the things.

colours and benifites

  • The gel comes in different colors.
  • Red, green, blue, yellow, etc.
  • You can also clean the EarPods, mobiles, and headphones with dust cleaning gel.
  • This Dust cleaning gel is half price for we check out the latest price now.
  • There is the greatest and best deal for you.
  • We are displaying cleaning gel which looks like an eatable.
  • It was first manufactured for cleaning keyboards only.
  • Now it is used in cars to clean the interior parts and cup holder.
  • You can clean your mobile phone before applying a screen protector.
  • It acts like rubber for cleaning purposes.
  • It’s good if you rub the surface for a long time for extra cleaning.

Uses of dust cleaning gel

  • You can clean your car accessories very easily.
  • You can clean your house wall that and extra benefit of using this gel.
  • This gel is use in cleaning keyboards or cleaning car interiors.
  • This gel is the best product for cleaning better than others for dust cleaning.

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