Car paint spray

  • Spray Paint for Glossy Finish
  • Multipurpose Application


Spray Paint for Glossy Finish – Pylac Spray paint is multipurpose product ideal for metal, wood, paper and plastic surface.

It dries quickly and is easy to use with aerosol/ spray application. Covers product in single coat use only.
From Nippon Paint – Asian No.1 Real Paint Company offering best products. With a wide range of colors, Nippon Paint provides the best value for money. With less paint smell, CFC free and quick dry, it is ecofriendly.
Multipurpose Application – Used in home decor, automobiles, offices, industries, domestic items, appliances and almost on all surfaces. A DIY and Home Improvement product for your refinish and for your art and craft needs
Convenient Packaging – Tin packaging with spray/ aerosol application, it is convenient and can be used by anyone. With excellent coverage on almost every product, it has maximum durability and best gloss finish.
Usage – Shake the spray can or bottle at least 5-6 times, spray from a distance of 15-20 cms. Apply on a dust-free surface, if required clean the surface. After usage, clean spray button. Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

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