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How To Play Flying Ball

Flying ball security tips:

  • Furthermore, strategy for flying.
  • Long term youngster can fly it.
  • First, need to unpack the flying ball box.
  • It has no manual book
  • Watch the video above.
  • This is a charging attachment.
  • There is the sensor.
  • Furthermore, there is an ON/OFF switch.
  • There is a charging link
  • You can interface it with a PC.
  • Or on the other hand any USB charger.
  • Associate it with the power board.
  • Furthermore, the interface link with a charging attachment.
  • The red light is the charging pointer.
  • It will go off when charging is finished.
  • The charging time is 25 minutes.
  • don,t charge over 30 minutes.
  • ON the switch with your nail.
  • It will fly following 2 seconds.
  • It doesn’t contact the earth.
  • Don,t fly in daylight.
  • in any case at some point it does, it returns to the land.
  • Assuming you need outside flying hang tight for nightfall.
  • Fly it indoors, in huge rooms.
  • For battery care, don,t fly at the end level.
  • Don,t store it in case the battery is completely energized.
  • Store it at half charged.
  • Catch it with two hands, by sides.
  • In any case, you can get it.

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