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How to apply hair building fiber

  • The most effective method to appropriately apply hair filaments.
  • OK, how about we get into it we will utilize crown hair fiber you can see its highest point.
  • It resembles a pepper shaker it’s a cross-section screen OK we will get going by applying I’d say.
  • it’s regarding six inches away from his head alright if you start applying excessively close it will look.
  • Genuine messy and it will look super.
  • Dull and it will look phony and
  • Unnatural so what you need to do is benevolent of letting it fall alright we’re simply letting.
  • It falls alright that’d be the place where you see scalp we will gradually cover it or
  • It sort of blurs in normally so somewhat thinning up top so it looks.
  • Use it step by step each day OK so after you get the hair fiber in there.
  • OK in the event that you see a recognize that is possible as well
  • Dull you could feel free to apply this is a cosmetics brush yet you could utilize a stylist brush or whatever sort of brush.
  • Have a connection of the depiction box underneath alright and you sort of simply need to Pat it.
  • Sort of need to Pat it in and when you pat it in it’s simply giving it that.
  • Regular look and it’s taking all the Superdog spots away alright OK so we go.
  • ahead and apply somewhat more hair fiber like I said you need to ensure you coordinate the shade of the hair fiber.

How to use hair building fiber

  • To your shading alright OK so we applied.
  • On the right side currently, to apply
  • somewhat inclining further toward the left side you.
  • can in any case see some skin or scalp on this
  • left side OK lean your head a bit chomped forward and we have a tad here so you’re simply going to hit up.
  • The trouble spot so relying upon your trouble spots simply relying upon how much hair fiber you will add to your head here OK so beginning to look pretty.
  • Great if you do have those dim spots like I said only sort of run a brush on it and that uh that makes the hair strands go right down to your scalp.
  • So you’re covering your scalp for that regular look that we will go for here furthermore if you do utilize any item in yours.
  • Hair uses gel previously before you begin applying the hair fiber also, ensure you let it dry a bit.
  • Here so we’re simply going to contact that up a little spot here clean it up
  • OK, so that looks very great right there will apply hairspray.
  • OK and we will put it to the test with this water bottle alright so I applied the hair fiber I touched it with the brush is alright I additionally put hairspray on.
  • Hair building fiber overall quite dry currently so how about we ask some water on it and sort of put this to the test and how about we check whether it uh in the event that it.
  • Now OK so you can see where the hair fiber is beginning to be similar to dribble down.

Usages of hair building fiber

  • Since you could see a few patches of the scalp and the hair alright so it’s anything but a hundred percent waterproof.
  • however, it would help out for like a little sprinkle or then again if it begins.
  • sprinkling and you got you to know to get up get inside someplace yet for.
  • For the most part, I mean it held up lovely great I believe we should put some more on and see we should really take a look at it up alright now
  • Hair building fiber basically essentially soaked his head here and you could see more spots now alright and you can see.
  • Somewhat a smidgen of dark spots on the towel so you know whether.
  • you’re wearing a pleasant shirt that day and It’s and it’s sprinkling.
  • Or it’s going to begin coming down ensure you go inside the house or ensure you go.
  • Inside you realize that way you don’t demolish your shirt.
  • so as you can see the hair fiber truly worked and concealed his scalp and made it seem as though.
  • Had a full arrangement of hair alright it was looking great.
  • The hairspray secured it and everything except as you can.
  • See it’s not water-safe the two or three showers, what’s more, it held out very great however I’d say.
  • In general, once we began truly spurting water on his head it hasn’t looked.
  • As well great it began you can begin seeing his scalp and everything OK.
  • so I do suggest this item I utilize a spotted my sibling utilizes his item.
  • so you know in case you’re hoping to get it.

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