Washing machine cleaner powder

  • Washing Machine Tub/Drum cleaning Powder for all types of the washing machine.
  • Improves the lifetime and performance of the appliance
  • Gets rid of lime scales in washing machines and appliances.
  • this reduces corrosive action and reduces the power consumed and eliminate bad odour inside a machine



  • how to effectively clean your washing machine and get even more dirt out of the washing machine tub?
  • We will use one packet of Washing machine cleaner powder.
  • In this situation, after mixing the powder dirt is broken up from the tub and floating inside.


  • The first thing to do for any washing machine is to start by removing the lint filters so that they do not get clogged up by the dirt.
  • The next thing we are going to do is to power on the washing machine and scroll through the program list.
  • Until we reach the tub clean program.
  • In this Washing machine cleaner powder.
  • we should follow the instructions as close as possible – it says to run the machine for around 5 minutes and let it sit for 6 hours.
  • The washing machine powder and left the machine to deal with it.
  • While waiting for the tub to fill up,
  • It is a good idea to slowly pour the powder to help it dissolve quicker.
  • At this point, quite a bit of the bubble will start to build up.
  • To catch the lean and dirt better to use a suction cup filter.
  • The suction cup tends to fall off at first, but once you are able to get it to stick it seems rather secure.
  • And, just for the fun of it, we also are using this floating filter.
  • Now that the washing machine is full for about five minutes and then will pause it for another six-hour.
  • After six hours let’s check out what has been collected at the bottom of the tub.
  • The dirt will be stored which won’t clean fully.

usage of washing machine cleaner powder

  • After we give it another wash cycle to remove the tub.
  • Okay now that the wash cycle is complete let’s look at the floating filter.
  • At this point, we have to drain and refill the tub with fresh water. gave it another five minutes of the wash cycle, and here is the result.
  • we think the tub will be still dirty as more dirt breaks free into the tub.
  • If your tub is very dirty, you might want to drain and refill the tub several times more before all the accumulated dirt can be removed.
  • It is good to see that the washing machine cleaner works very well or manages well.
  • We would recommend using the washing machine cleaner for its low price and high effectiveness.
  • The floating filter and the suction cup filters are,  however, not as effective as we hoped in capturing.
  • In the end, refilling and draining the tub several times is the only effective way to remove the flakes completely.


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